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Young Lions Academy

Young Lions Academy is an exciting new Course, which is designed to help you invest into the next generation of leaders within your Church, aged 15-19. 

Young Lions Academy is a monthly programme run within the local Church and is designed to work alongside and supplement attendance of our annual bootmaps; providing Video Teaching, Course Materials and Ideas and Support to help young people develop and serve. 

The Academy Students will be given the opportunity to learn together, grow in their faith, and serve in different areas in their Church. 

Young Lions Academy will be launching in September 2023, so if you would like more information about the programme or cost, or to register your interest, please click on the button below and a member of the team will be in touch!


Just over 20 years ago around 60 young people came together from churches across the UK to experience a bootcamp style weekend to develop and assess them as leaders. We have seen over 2000 young leaders trained over the years that Young Lions has been running. Many of these young leaders have gone on to lead in all spheres of life, having influence in both the church and world around them.


What is young lions?

Young Lions is 3 weekends over 3 years for young leaders between the ages of 15-19. It offers a unique mixture of ministry, teaching, coaching groups & practical challenges, all designed to identify, develop and assess the next generations of young leaders.

Coaching at Young Lions

We also look for older leaders who are skilled at developing this age group to sign up as a Young Lions Coach. Our Coaches are key to the success of a weekend, as we resource them to facilitate and assess the Young Lions Delegate’s journey over the weekend!


This year we are increasing our capacity and running 3 Young Lions locations across the UK. For all Information about Young Lions, either if you are looking to attend as a delegate or as a Coach, click the link below to read our Info Booklet, or sign up below!

Delegate Early Bird


Delegate Full Price




Young Lions Weekend I


Young Lions Weekend II


Young Lions Weekend III

29th November - 1st December 2024
“I stepped into Young Lions at the age of 17, a shy and ‘reluctant leader’ wondering why I had been chosen to be there. Young Lions for me was instrumental in my growth and development as a young leader. I look back 20 years thankful for these three weekends that shaped me and prepared me for leadership…I am passionate about Young Lions because it’s unique in the way it identifies, develops and assesses young leaders. We need young people today who will influence the world with the power of the gospel, making a difference in every sphere of life and my hope is that Young Lions will be a vehicle to make this happen. I hope you will commit to sending Young People in this year to come!”
Hannah Williamson
Young Lions Lead

Young Lions FAQs

You can find all information about Young Lions in our Downloadable Info Booklet but see below for some of our more commonly asked FAQs

What does a Young Lions Weekend Look Like?

A Young Lions weekend is not your typical youth weekend away. It’s a unique training, development and assessment boot-camp! Positive peer pressure and the power of an unfamiliar environment will put delegates through their paces and into situations that will force them to draw on the skills and abilities that they have.

The weekend is loaded with teaching sessions, encounter sessions, smaller coaching group sessions and a physical session. Every element has been designed and honed over the years to provide the most impact a weekend can offer!

On arrival, delegates will be split into small groups and assigned a coach for the weekend. Coaches are either graduates of Young Lions, or Youth Pastors & leaders skilled at working with the age group. The role of the coach is to accompany the delegates through the weekend, and also to complete an assessment form at the end to be sent back to the delegate’s Church. This is an awesome discipleship tool for their leaders.

Young Lions is 3 weekends over 3 years; each year containing different elements of the leadership journey.

Where and when are the Young Lions Weekends in 2023?

Young Lions Weekend I: 10th -12th February 2023, Cefn Lea Conference Centre, Newtown, WALES
Young Lions Weekend II: 31st March - 2nd April 2023, Pioneer Centre, Kidderminster, ENGLAND
Young Lions Weekend III: 1st - 3rd September 2023, Lendrick Muir Centre, Kinross, SCOTLAND

How much does Young Lions Cost and what does it include?

Young Lions has a different cost for delegates and coaches. For Delegates, our Earlybird rate is £125 and full price is £139. For Coaches, it is a flat cost of £104. To check when Earlybird rate ends for each weekend, head to the booking page!

This price covers everything outside of your transport - so your accommodation, food, Young Lions T Shirt, assessment forms and more!

Do I have to attend the nearest Young Lions Weekend to me?

You are welcome to attend whichever Young Lions Weekend works best for you either by location or date - you do not need to attend the weekend that is in your country if another works better for you!

How often should I attend a Young Lions Weekend?

You should aim to complete your Young Lions journey over a three year period, however if for any reason you are unable to attend a weekend for a year, you may pick up your progress the following year.

I’m the older end of 15-19, Can I jump straight into Year 2 / 3?

Every Young Lions delegate must start from 1st year, the experience is incomplete without it! 19 is the oldest you may begin your Young Lions Delegate journey, however if you were to start at 19 years old, you may complete years 2 & 3 beyond the age of 19. 

How safe is Young Lions?

All Young Lions Team and Coaches are required to either hold a current enhanced DBS Certificate that is registered to the Update Service or we will arrange for a free of charge Enhanced DBS Check to be conducted ahead of attending. This must be renewed every three years.

All leaders involved in making Young Lions happen must also be recommended by their home Church, and undergo online safeguarding training ahead of the weekend.

Activities are risk-assessed and supervised, and appointed first-aiders are on site at all times. The Stretch (our outdoor activity) does involve some physical activity, but is designed with the delegates in mind. All under 18 delegates must provide a signed consent form before attending the weekend.

Can I make a group Booking?

At the booking page, you have the option to 'add a booking' to each booking you make. If you are a Church leader looking to book your delegates in you can use this option. Give us a call if we can help you in any way with this.