Leadership Development

"My fruit grows on other people’s trees"

Bob Buford
Every now and then you stumble across a quote that resonates to your core.
Bob Buford did just that!

It is a joy and privilege to lead on Leadership Development in our great movement. As we move forward into exciting new areas of Church Planting, Church Health, Missions and Youth and Kids, I am more certain than ever of the importance of identifying and developing gold-standard self-leaders who are culturally aware, theologically astute, relational, wise and invested into the wider AoG vision!

Our Leadership Pipeline is an exciting vision of a unified and constant approach to developing leaders; from kids ministry, right the way through to retirement - all are valued and all are visible! Wherever you are on the pipeline; whether it's Kids or Youth Ministry, our awesome Young Lions programme for teenage leaders, the outstanding Missio Dei Bible College, our Ministers in Training programme or ongoing CPD for all AoG Ministers, we want to connect with you and help you to Live Big in all that God is calling you to!

I look forward to connecting with you on the way! 

- Simon Jarvis, AoG GB Leadership Development Director

Successful Leadership

Heres the definition of successful leadership development. Your success is defined in the success of someone else’s ministry or life. As a parent, I fully understand this. I want my two, now adult, children to be good citizens, God fearing and fulfilling all that God has for them. This is perfectly natural.

This should also be the case with our spiritual children too. Paul describes Timothy as his son. He entrusts the largest church in the known world into his care because he knows he will excel in his duties.

Old Testament greats, like Moses, invested quality time into his mentee, Joshua. Joshua follows Moses into the Lord’s presence and is personally captivated to the point where he lingers a little longer and comes out transformed. Elijah adopts Elisha as a trainee prophet and that trainee witnesses Elijah’s homecoming and is bequeathed a double reward of fruitfulness!

Jesus himself, invested the lion share of his short ministry life into 12 misfits. This included Thomas the doubter, James and John, the attention seekers, Peter, the “say it before you think” and the less we say about Judas the better!!! They went on to literally change the world.

The greatest investment you can ever make is into the life of someone else. If you spot gift and talent I encourage you to utilise the resource God has given you to invest into them. Sure it takes time. And yup, they wont all make it. But when they do make it...There’s no fruit on earth that tastes as good!


Greenhouse is all about connecting leaders relationally, as well as providing training and resourcing. Starting initially with Kids Ministry, we have awarded the 'Greenhouse' title to six Churches who have incredible track records of working with kids. Stay tuned for information on how you can connect into the great relational resourcing and training that they will be providing!

  • Relational Connection
  • Resourcing & Training
  • Initially, this is just within the area of Kids Ministry.
  • Certain churches are assigned a 'Greenhouse' status. It means that they are hubs of connection, resourcing & training for others working in the same field.

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