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Develop your ministry with CPD

Develop your ministry with CPD

What CPD can do for you?


A customisable plan for you and your ministry


Your personal development across the year


Rewards based on the amount of development you complete

Continuous Professional Development FAQs

When is CPD Available?

We will start a phased onboarding for all AoG ministers from Autumn 2023, and you can be at the front of that queue by joining the waiting list today.

Is CPD available for everyone in our church?
Not currently. We’d love to expand it in the future so you can use this for others in church leadership in your church. But for now, it’s for AoG Ministers only.
What are the dates for earning points?
The points window runs 5th May 2023 to 4th May 2024. After that, it’ll go into a new points season.
I’ve read loads of books already, can I just upload those?
The aim for CPD is about your current and future development, not your prior development, so don’t log the previous resources you’ve undertaken, unless you completed them in the development window.
Is it mandatory?
Not for now. We want this to be something you want to use, not something you have to use.
How many resources are on the system?
We’ve preloaded about 350 books on to the system, and we’ll keep uploading more. If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for, you can always add it.
I’ve written a book, can I add it?
Yes! As long as it fits within one of the 8 categories of development, that’s fine.
I can’t find a peer reviewer, can you help me find one?
We won’t be able to help you find a peer reviewer, however, if you contact your hub leader, they’ll be able to put you in touch with someone.
Can I use CPD as a development report to my church’s trustees?
We currently don’t have a feature that will allow you to download a report, but we’ll be looking to add one soon!
Can I see how I compare against other ministers?
As much as I’m sure you’d like to see if you’ve racked up more points than Simon Jarvis, we’ve decided to keep points totals private.
I’ve seen a book that doesn’t align with AoG’s statement of faith, should I report it?
No. The idea of this platform is that it’s about your professional development, and that means that you may read books you disagree with, but it can still develop you in what you don’t believe. We’ve marked books we trust with the Trusted Resource icon (the green shield with a white tick).